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How it started

Endless Allure came into the world after I became a mother, for the first time. When I had my son LJ, I noticed his beautifully textured hair and it made me want to return natural to see my curls again. Not to mention, I got a relaxer in middle school because I was teased for having curly hair. Most of my peers were relaxed, so I just followed the trend thinking that was the way to go. I became intrigued and shortly thereafter, I decided to make the transition from a sleek relaxed sister to a natural curly girl. After making the decision to make the switch from relaxed to natural, I was faced with choosing just the right hair care products for my hair. I have always been a do it myself kind of woman and did not want to waste my time and money buying products that ultimately would not work for me. So, I did what any entrepreneur would do. I made my own product. Not only would my product be suitable for my hair type, but it would be suitable for all hair types, even relaxed hair! After months of research, trial and a lot of error, Endless Allure was born.

How it's going

After developing my brand, I quickly discovered that this would be a way I could build wealth with my husband, leave a legacy for my children and impact my community. Endless Allure has afforded me countless opportunities to give back to charities that are close to my heart and spend more quality time with my family. Now there is room for me to grow as an entrepreneur, a mother and wife, all while helping others to embrace their healthy natural hair and proving that anything is possible, if you put in the work and believe you can achieve whatever you dream.
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